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IT Recruitment


As the first IT Recruitment Consultant in Indonesia, we have become the IT Recruitment Expert with 9+ years of experience.

We are here to help you find the right IT Talents by taking these three aspects into account: (1) Technical skill set (2) Attitude or Soft Skills, and (3) Cultural fit.

What could be more important?

The IT Roles that we are working on range from mid, senior, managerial to Executive / C-level. If there are other IT roles that you need help with, just ask us!

Web Developer | Full Stack Developer | Backend Developer | Frontend Developer | Mobile Developer | AI / ML Developer | IoT Developer | ERP Developer | System Developer | Other Related Roles

Quality Assurance (QA) | QA Analyst | Performance Tester | Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) | Other Related Roles

Product Manager / Analyst | Project Manager / PMO | SCRUM Master / Agile Delivery Manage | Solution Architect | UI/UX Designer | Graphic Designer | UI/UX Researcher | Other Related Roles

Cloud Engineer | DevOps | Network Engineer / Architect | System Administrator | Security Engineer / Analyst / Operation | Penetration Tester | IT Support / Technical Support | Other Related Roles

Data Scientist | Data Analyst | Data Architect | Data Engineer | Database Administrator | Business Intelligence | Business Analyst | Other Related Roles


Business & Operation Recruitment


Not just IT/Tech Recruitment, we are also skilled & experienced in Business & Operation related roles to help improve your business and operation aspect.

Sales / Marketing Specialist | Account Manager / Relationship Manager | Business Development | Customer Engagement / Customer Excellence / Customer Journey Specialist | Branding Specialist | Public Relation | Partnership Manager | Community Manager | Market Researcher | Commercial Manager | Merchandiser | Ecommerce Sales & Marketing | Telemarketing Specialist | Other Related Roles

Digital Marketing Specialist | SEO/SEM Specialist | Search Specialist | Social Media Specialist | Digital Content Specialist | Copywriter | Growth Hacker | Other Related Roles

Business Operation Specialist | City / Office Manager | Branch Manager | Legal / Compliance Specialist | Procurement Specialist | Supply Chain / Logistic Specialist | Inventory / Warehouse Management Specialist | Manufacturing / Production Specialist | Research & Development Specialist | QA/QC | Other Related Roles

Accountant | Auditor | Finance & Accounting Specialist | Financial Analyst / Risk Management | Financial Advisor | Treasury Analyst | Budget Analyst / Controller | Investment Banker | Private Equity Specialist | Venture Capitalist | Other Related Roles

HR & GA | HR Business Partner Specialist | People Operation | Talent Acquisition / Recruitment Specialist | Training & Development Specialist | Compensation & Benefit Specialist | Organization Development Specialist | Employer Branding Specialist | Other Related Roles


Executive Recruitment


We provide extensive support for your top management level hiring. Our experienced executive-hiring specialists will help you find the right Executive Talents for your company.

We are experienced and able to assist you for Top Management roles for various business unit & functions

Chief Technology Officer | Chief Information Officer | Chief Information Security Officer | VP of Engineering | VP of Product | Head of Engineering | Head of Product | Head of Security | Other Related Roles

Chief Business Development Officer | Chief Marketing Officer | VP of Marketing | Head of Sales & Marketing | Head of Digital Marketing | Other Related Roles

Chief Operation Officer | Country Head / Manager | Regional Manager | Head of Operation | Warehouse Manager | Other Related Roles

VP of Asset Management | Head of Finance | Head of Treasury | Head of Fraud & Investigation | Finance & Accounting Manager | Other Related Roles

Chief People Officer | Chief of Staff | Head of Recruitment | Head of HRBP | Talent Acquisition Manager | Training & Development Manager | Employer Branding Manager | Other Related Roles


Tech Recruiter Training

If your in-house recruitment team lacks expertise in tech recruitment, this service will help them to be more hands-on in recruiting tech talent. Formulated from Geekhunter’s 8 years of experience, consider this course Tech Recruitment 101 in which participants will learn about: (1) the technical knowledge of each tech role, (2) sourcing strategy and execution, (3) the best tools and techniques to use, (4) the best ways of approaching and engaging tech talent, (5) how to attract tech talent, and (6) how to manage offering and salary negotiation. One of our clients, Bank Mandiri, trusted us to conduct their tech recruitment training.


Vendor Connecting

Setting up a new business in Indonesia can be challenging and complicated. But fear not because we are here to make it less hassle for you. With our experience and strong connections in the industry, we will assist you in finding and connecting with the right service providers such as corporate secretary, legal, accounting, tax and other administrative support to help establish your business entity here. With strong connections and numerous partners from software houses, digital agencies to training centers, we aim to help you find the best vendor to meet your specific requirements.


Junior Recruitment


If you are having a mass/bulk hiring for fresh graduate or junior hiring (up to 1 year of experience), we are ready to help you to hire Junior Talents with our extensive candidate database and broad partnership with universities, academies, and bootcamps.

One of our clients, OCBC NISP, has trusted us with their junior mass hiring for their IT team and hired more than 30 junior developers within a short time period.


Tailored Solutions

If you seek other Recruitment & HR solutions, Geekhunter can provide on-demand support. Just reach out to us and let’s discuss the HR solutions you need!

What Makes GeekHunter
The Right Partner

What Makes GeekHunter The Right Partner​

  1. The first headhunter for Geeks in Indonesia
  2. Have valid recruitment service permits issued by The Ministry of Manpower
  3. Powerful Database from Multi-Channels
  4. Strong Engagement in Tech-Ecosystem
  5. Advanced Sourcing Technique
  6. A team of specialists
  7. 360’ Recruitment Services
  8. Shortlisted and Qualified Candidates
  9. Geekhunter Better

Our Clients

What Our Clients Say
About Us

"It's have been a pleasure working with Geek Hunter. they have responsive consultants and always try to improve their service and qualities. They also try to understand my company's need and open for feedback. I hope we can continue collaborate and support each other!"

Clara Lesmana

Talent Acquisition Lead - Blibli

"We partnered with GeekHunter for quite some time and we're able to grow our team with GeekHunter's full support. Thanks GeekHunter team :)"

Hemastya Diranti

Sr. Manager Talent Acquistion - BukuKas

"Geekhunter has managed to provide great quality talents with short period of time and is able to tailor the hiring needs from us. Overall very satisfied with the service and experience."

Daniel Samuel​

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