About Us

We are Geekhunter

Headhunter for Geek

The demand for tech talent continues outstripping supply and the talent pool is just not growing fast enough. Today, qualified tech talents have more choices than ever. Due to tech talent shortage, the fierce competition not only drives business costs but also causes a higher employee attrition rate. With these conditions, finding tech talent is as overwhelming as finding a needle in a haystack.

Geekhunter, established in July 2013 by Ken Ratri Iswari (Founder & CEO) and Yunita Anggraeni (Co-founder & COO), is Indonesia’s first recruitment agency that focuses on IT (Information Technology) roles. We have been helping great companies, from startups to multinationals, to hire the right IT professionals. We know how to create that perfect match between experts and employers. We know who you need and we already talking, engaging, and building a lasting relationship with IT professionals.

Concurrently, we help IT professionals to advance their career by helping them to explore opportunities that meet their career aspiration. We are moving forward to a bigger purpose: to help improve people’s lives through opportunities.

Why GeekHunter

We pride ourselves on being all of these and more.

  • The 1st headhunter for Geek in Indonesia. As the 1st IT Recruitment Agency in Indonesia with focus on IT roles, we grow together with the booming of startup economy, therefore we have in-depth understanding of the industry and the roles.
  • Powerful database with more than 70K curated experienced tech talent all around Indonesia coming from multi-channels
  • Strong engagement with tech communities. Actively engaging and building tech talent ecosystem since 2013. We have organised hundreds of events including hackathons and partnering with multiple stakeholders from government to international organization
  • Advanced sourcing technique & recruitment tools. Adopting cutting edge sourcing techniques from USA and advanced recruitment technology tools are what setting us apart from the others
  • A team of specialist. our Founder & CEO, Ken Ratri Iswari, is widely known as tech recruitment and tech talent expert in Indonesia. Our team consists of trained and experienced specialist recruiters on each IT roles as well as IT advisors.
  • 360 recruitment services. No more pain in hiring means we will take care of all aspects of recruitment for you. From sourcing candidates, arranging interview for each recruitment stage, to offering and negotiation process.
  • Shortlisted and qualified candidates, We have a strong understanding of tech requirements. We will ensure that IT Professionals qualifications are match with your requirement through a systematic requirement checklist and preliminary checking.
  • Proven track record, our clients rate us as “very good” or better overall compared to others