IT Recruitment

We are here to help you find the right IT Professionals by taking these 3 aspects into accounts: the technical skillset, attitude/soft skill, and cultural fit. What else is more important?

IT roles that we are working on are ranging from mid, senior, managerial to Executive / C-level. If you have other IT/Tech roles that you need help, you can always request to us!

IT Talents that we place range from Middle, Senior, Managerial, to Executive Level:
– Web Programmers / Developers (Backend, Frontend, Full Stack Engineer), Software Engineer
– Mobile Apps Programmers (iOS, Android)
– Project Manager, Tech Lead, CTO, VP Engineering, Project Lead Developer, Scrum Master, Technical Evangelist
– Product Manager, Product Owner
– QA, QE, Software Tester
– Data Analyst/Scientist, Data Engineer, Business Intelligence
– UI-UX Designer, UX Architect, Web Designer
– DevOps, System Administrator, Infrastructure Architect, Cloud Engineer
– Release Engineer, Support Manager
– Digital Marketing Strategist, SEO Specialist
– Non-Tech Roles & Business Operations

GeekBiz for Non-IT Recruitment

We are the expert of IT recruitment and we also nail non-IT recruitment including but not limited to digital marketing, business operation, business development (sales & marketing), finance & accounting, and human resources. Geekhunter is also providing this service with our divison, GeekBiz, to help you hire the most suitable and most qualified talents to help you with your business growth.

In house tech recruiter training

If you have in-house recruitment team without tech recruitment background, this service will help your team to be a hands-on tech recruiter because recruiting tech talent is a completely different game. Consider this as Tech Recruitment 101 short course consists of technical knowledge about each tech roles, sourcing strategy, the best tools and technique, approaching and engaging IT Professionals, how to sell your company to attract tech talent to salary negotiation.

GeekHR for Employer Branding & HR Services

Research shows how strong the employer brand has a direct impact on talent acquisition. A strong employer brand is a critical way to attract, engage, and retain the best people. With the help of a strong employer brand, your company will be able to increase the number of quality applicants, reduce your costs per recruitment and differentiate yourself from competitors.


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