Senior Product Manager, Growth

Workforce Management Solution

Geekhunter is hiring on behalf of our client; a workforce management solution for companies who engage hourly workers based in Singapore. At this company, they make time for businesses to do what matters. The platform empowers today’s connected workforce through the provision of a data-driven approach to managing hourly workers via their integrated scheduling and time tracking SaaS.

With features like Scheduling shifts, Onsite Timeclock, Smart Timesheet, Leave Application, Real Time Reports and Connected Reports, the platform helps business owner ease their hourly workforce management. The company’s vision is to enable a connected workforce that is built on the basis of trust and transparency, so that everyone in the team can truly do what matters. They value a collaborative and open culture, and encourage everyone from different departments to contribute ideas and constructive feedback.


  • Competitive salary
  • 14-days Annual Leave
  • Relocation option to SG after the pandemic*

Job Responsibilities

  • For the Growth specialization, you’ll be the go-to person for growth initiatives across the team, from Acquisition, Activation to Monetization. lead the team that owns the entire new customer and new user journey across every platform (web and mobile), from landing on company website through sign-up, onboarding and the entire first month experience to conversion.
  • In Acquisition, should be able to synthesize user needs with SEO concepts (with a principled understanding of what drives organic search success) to build delightful products that help the team hit our new user sign-up goals. You might also be collaborating with product leaders to strategize, and instrument, and execute on growth loops.
  • In Activation, you will be expected to help new users and teams that start using the company product, successfully get off the ground and stay retained, with a primary focus on lower-ACV self-service businesses.
  • In Monetization, you will be expected to drive a step-function increase in the rate new teams and new users eventually convert and pay on the product and be responsible for iterating on growth infrastructure, like iterating on our current billing system to support world class customer experiences.
  • As a senior growth leader, you should also have a deep understanding on growth strategies (like product-led growth), pricing strategies (like understanding the trade-offs between freemium and free trial), monetization levers and tradeoffs (you should be able to suggest pricing changes), and willing to spend the time necessary to keep up with the competitive landscape and best practices in growth, and utilize that knowledge to build better product.
  • Collaborating with product and business leadership to flesh out the product vision and strategy, and develop a roadmap of growth initiatives that drive product strategy, and reflect business priorities and cost
  • Supporting companywide efforts of growing the business across the SEA region, with a focus in Indonesia
  • Collaborating with functions across the company (especially Finance, Data, Marketing, Onboarding) to drive growth initiatives
  • Driving strong decision making with quantitative data on user behavior and experimentation, and qualitative research and customer insights (e.g. a/b testing, survey data, usability studies)
  • Understanding and communicating the problems of our users and customers, and defining a solution that is loved by them while viable for the product.
  • Defining methods and metrics for identifying success and failure while ensuring the team is clear on their objectives.
  • Leading a highly collaborative, cross-functional team with product designers and engineers to ensure that we not only build the right products, but also build our products right
  • Mentoring other junior product managers to ensure they can add value faster and This role reports directly to CPO

Job Requirement

  • Prior experience in product management
  • Strong English communication skills (both written and spoken)
  • Have built and optimized onboarding flows in both web and app platforms
  • Have experience in product led growth initiatives
  • Highly receptive to feedback or coaching, and can engage with stakeholders in two-way communication
  • Can trust and empower the team you are leading to deliver great products and achieve the team’s goals
  • Great knowledge of growth flywheels, and are able to build network effects and are able to apply creative big bold ideas in a seemingly dull b2b space
  • Strong analytical and data skills, statistical knowledge, and a hypothesis driven mindset
  • Well versed in experimentation modeling and A/B testing
  • Live and breathe funnels, understand how to optimize them, and understand how actions at each step would impact the final outcome
  • Great knowledge of growth flywheels, and are able to build network effects and are able to apply creative big bold ideas in a seemingly dull b2b space

You are not (solely) responsible for:

  • A team of engineers: you will take the lead in decisions about the product, but not manage the people implementing it
  • Capacity planning: you will define priorities, but the Engineering Manager evaluates the amount of work possible
  • Shipping in time: you will work in a cross functional team of designers and engineers, but the group is responsible for shipping on time, it’s not solely on you!


  • User Acquisition – Volume of new user sign ups due to product initiatives
  • Activation rates across different new user flows and platforms
  • First month new user retention rates
  • New user free trial conversion rates / New user freemium upsell rate

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