A Glimpse of the Mobile App Industry’s Top Event – GMASA2017 Jakarta

The mobile app community recently witnessed one of the largest events of the industry – GMASA (Global Mobile App Summit Awards), held in Jakarta, Indonesia.
A unique platform to host all the participants of the mobile app community on a single stage, GMASA has been winning many cheers and attention from the global mobile app industry.

In its previous three installments – held at Bengaluru, Bangkok and Chennai – GMAS A secured many milestones as a pioneer in bridging the gap between app developers and the rest of the industry players.

Mr. Venkatesh C.R., Chairman of GMASA reveals, “GMASA is primarily a stepping stone for hundreds of young startups and innovators who have developed the technology but don’t know how to convert it into a proper offering and set the wheels rolling.”

True, there are many technology startups that wither and die in absence of proper nurturing and grooming. GMASA gives these nascent players an opportunity to directly meet industry influencers, mentors, prospective partners and even investors. This unique exposure gives them the opportunity to shape up their offering, prep-up their business model and start selling.

On January 26, 2017, GMASA 2017 kicked off with the inaugural speech of Prof. Ahmad Rusly, Director General of Post & Informatics Administration, Republic of Indonesia.

This was followed by a string of keynote speeches from the distinguished speakers from leading organizations like Google and IBM to name a few. Panel discussions, on the other hand, kept the audience brooding about the burning issues affecting the technology world.

GMASA 2017 also hosted several exhibitors displaying their path breaking technology and unique products and services, keeping the participants engaged and inspired.

Like the previous editions, Indie Pitch, a contest organized exclusively for Indian app developers and innovators, witnessed lot of euphoria as 10 select contestants showcased their apps to a cheering crowd of fellow app developers, mentors, influencers, press and investors.

Crowning the daylong event, the Indie Pitch awards ceremony saw app community members applauding and cheering for top achievers.

We had the good fortune to talk to MR. Venkatesh and asked him questions about GMASA and his take on the mobile app industry.


1) What is GMASA? And, how was this event conceived?

The Global Mobile App Summit and Awards (GMASA) is a global mobile event which was started with an aim at giving mobile entrepreneurs and marketers a means to interact with the industry’s leading minds and representatives. Each aspect of the event was put in place with a mind to cater to the needs of people looking to make a mark in the mobile world.

2) What can one expect at a GMASA event?

The summit is primarily focused on the key trends and practices that currently define the mobile landscape. So, at the event, you can hope to gain insights and knowledge on how you can make it within the mobile industry. You can also meet with some of the leading mobile platforms and services on our exhibition floor, and have a look at what’s currently hot on the market.

3) What were the key attractions of GMASA 2017, hosted at Jakarta in January?

We had panels which focused on various factors that affect a mobile business; keynote speeches from industry experts from major platforms like Twitter, Google, IBM; an exhibition featuring the latest services and products from our partners and other leading mobile platforms, and a startup-focused event called the “Indie Pitch Fest” where select startups pitched their ideas to an audience of investors, corporates, industry leaders and partners.

4) Why is it a good idea to invest in Mobile Startups?

In this mobile age, the ground is ripe for a whole plethora of ways in which people want to incorporate mobility into. Therefore, startups with unique ideas that aim at solving a number of real-world problems are bound to find a niche in the market. Therefore, given the chance, mobile startups can gain enough user traction and growth to be a viable investment option.

5) What makes people attend marketing events like GMASA?

Mobile developers and marketers are constantly on the lookout for ways to get their product to the right audience, and more importantly to be able to retain the audience over time. Poor marketing strategies can result in serious setbacks that can take a while to recover from. GMASA was started with the aim to give developers and marketers the chance to interact with experts who have found their mark in the industry. Through our carefully planned agenda, we aim at addressing some of the key trends and challenges prevalent in the industry and how one can leverage these trends to overcome those challenges.

6) What’s next for GMASA?

We are planning to organize the next GMASA event in Bengaluru somewhere in July