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One step closer with your career aspiration
One step closer with your career aspiration

What We Do


Business & Operation Recruitment


Not just IT Recruitment, we are also skilled & experienced in Business & Operation roles, including but not limited to Sales & Marketing, Digital Marketing, Business Operations, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, etc.


IT Recruitment


The first IT Recruitment Consultant in Indonesia and an IT Recruitment Expert with 9+ years of experience. We are here to help you find the right IT Talents by taking these three aspects into account:
(1) Technical skill set,
(2) Attitude or Soft Skills, and
(3) Cultural fit.
What could be more important?


Executive Recruitment


We provide extensive support for your top management level hiring. Our experienced executive-hiring specialists will help you find the right Executive Talents for your company.

Junior Recruitment

Are you having a mass/bulk hiring for fresh graduate or junior roles? Let us help you with our extensive database and broad partnership with universities, academies, and bootcamps!

Tailored Solutions

If you seek other Recruitment & HR solutions, Geekhunter can provide on-demand support. Just reach out to us and let’s discuss the HR solutions you need!

Tech Recruiter Training

If your in-house recruitment team lacks expertise in tech recruitment, this service will help them to be more hands-on in recruiting tech talent.

Vendor Connecting

Setting up a new business in Indonesia can be challenging and complicated. But fear not because we are here to make it less hassle for you.

What Makes GeekHunter
The Right Partner

What Makes GeekHunter The Right Partner​

  1. The first headhunter for Geeks in Indonesia
  2. Have valid recruitment service permits issued by The Ministry of Manpower
  3. Powerful Database from Multi-Channels
  4. Strong Engagement in Tech-Ecosystem
  5. Advanced Sourcing Technique
  6. A team of specialists
  7. 360’ Recruitment Services
  8. Shortlisted and Qualified Candidates
  9. Geekhunter Better

How It Works?

Request Talent

Send us your hiring inquiries on this website or simply email halo@geekhunter.co

Confirm your requirements

Our team will reach out to you by email or by phone to further discuss your hiring inquiries, to confirm the must-haves and nice-to-haves for your next hire. You can fill out our hiring brief form, however, if you don’t have time to complete it, our team will make a call to assist you.

Initial talent research

We will review your hiring inquiries carefully and will assess whether or not the IT Professionals that you are looking for are available in our database. In 1-2 days, we will get back to you with the results and our proposed solution.

Get Started

Good news, we can help you with your hiring! Things will move forward to contract drafting. Once the contract is agreed and signed, we are ready to kick start the hiring process and you can expect to start getting CVs of IT Professionals.

Our Clients

What Our Clients Say
About Us

"It's have been a pleasure working with Geek Hunter. they have responsive consultants and always try to improve their service and qualities. They also try to understand my company's need and open for feedback. I hope we can continue collaborate and support each other!"

Clara Lesmana

Talent Acquisition Lead - Blibli

"We partnered with GeekHunter for quite some time and we're able to grow our team with GeekHunter's full support. Thanks GeekHunter team :)"

Hemastya Diranti

Sr. Manager Talent Acquistion - BukuKas

"Geekhunter has managed to provide great quality talents with short period of time and is able to tailor the hiring needs from us. Overall very satisfied with the service and experience."

Daniel Samuel​

People and Talent – Kuncie by Telkomsel

What Talents Say About Us

"I had a great experience with Geekhunter's consultant from recruitment process until onboarding. She showed great empathy and very helpful along my journey landed in my new job. If I tried to conclude, these are Geekhunter's consultant qualities: Empathy, Patient, and Being Presence in every steps."

Dian Soraya R.

UX Design Manager
- Blibli

"I can't thank Geekhunter's consultant enough for helping me secure my current role. He is very professional and is very good at determining where a person's skill set is best served. Whenever I had the pleasure of speaking with Geekhunter's consultant, he was always very understanding and gave me confidence that he would find me the right role. I can't recommend Geekhunter highly enough as a recruiter."

Ligar Aji

VP Product & Engineering
- Lion Parcel

"Geekhunter helped me pursue my career path, the consultant that assisting me was really good, it connects companies that are suitable for me based on many factors such as my skill, passion, company culture, location, and benefits aspect."

Wildan K

Lead Android Engineer
- KlikDokter

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